Moonlight Verses…By the Weeping Moon

Rooted in Place

It comes forward from which it came…

…where to, I dare not ask (it never answers me anyway), time blurs life as it passes.

Please, I say…and this life smirks.

Give me a chance…

This time? Eyes roll.

What of free will, I ask…

…a heavy sigh.

Life unwinds while passing me by. Disappointed again. No lessons gained.


I’m out

Took a while…but I see you, Toxic.

No longer will I fall for sad tales or lies big and small

I’m out

What should be valued was devalued

I see you now…

I’m out.

Sell ya trash elsewhere…

I’m taking me back….

…she’s been gone too long,

I’m out. In to the light.



Through the pollution on the breeze..

…unsettled not calm my days have been.

Unknown to those around me….

….those that could help.

Ruffled, I have felt.

Burnout a constant fire that threatens…

to core what I might become.

Thoughtless words and actions ….

…ruffled is the state for which all flows.


Limbs heavy

Eye lids half mast

Another crisis

Another time

Another fight

Threatens to snuff out the light

Your caring will be weaponized

Strides, crumbled

Dirty is the air

Putrid is the water

That I wallow…

….in come the cries

It’s all around, can everyone hear?

Oh, it’s a flood, aimed to swallow…..



Loose one, another grows

Tightening, another layer

Gasping, a soundless cry

Wrapped and wrapped…

this world suffocates.

For the Soul…

This one’s for the soul.

A deep breath.

A deserved break.

Time out! Thoughts that will not quiet.

So loud. So proud.

For the soul…

I’ll wage that battle.

Mind kept here. 

The future calls, though the past does laugh.

Bullies unwelcome. Setting free.

This one’s for the soul that I want to be.


Belief is…

a loaded word.

an interpretative word.

a farce.

a truth.





Belief is….everything.

Do Over aka Reset

Shoved in to change

Forced to rearrange.

Thoughts settle…

Folks meddle.


In your heart, the truth is there…

waiting for the mind to follow.

Do over.



The time is now.

Channel the Next

Forced to transition..long past due.

Set adrift, a puzzle–complex and new.

Gone, the familiar. Mind a blur.

Fear tries to hide. Panic wails. Desire wants to outline wrongs. 

And hate wants to show them all…

…But…Love…Love is in awe, kind words by ones true.

…a deep breath, a step forward…then two

….channelling what comes next.

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